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Hello IGRCP users! we are happy to announce that we have found a good solution to our problem, where we can now offer faster loading to all packages.

So what is Distributed Comment Loading (DCL)?
DCL is something we came up with which allows us to pull more comments from Instagram by using multiple servers that work together (Cluster), where we can load comments for multiple users simultaneously, this also allows us to push different pages of comments to be loaded by different servers to achieve speeds of up to 150 comments per second – compared to 30-50 comments per second that we had before.

We are pushing to increase this to 300 comments per second later on.

Please Note: This feature is currently limited to posts that have over 1000 comments as the time gained is too small for anything less than 1000 comments, and we feel that the additional pop up does not present a good user experience and most often than not a user will opt out of this feature.

28000 comments load times of 4mins 28 seconds

Why does it take long to download comments in the first place?

Instagram uses “pages” aka “pagination” to give results back when being asked for content, each page can have a maximum of 50 comments and sometimes as little as 5 or 15, depending on a hidden criteria when these pages roll over and new page is created, with each page they also send a token that is the next page, using this token we can request all the pages of the post and thus getting all the comments effectively, but the problem arises when making too many requests fast, which results in a temporary IP ban by Instagram, so we are forced to add timeouts before making more requests.

We overcame this by throwing more computers at it, this is very effective as it gives us more loading power but also increases our costs of hosting the service which leads me to my next point..

This service won’t be free for the time being as we are still working on improving our service to reduce cost of these extra servers, but we are also making it optional for our users, however, using this addon will help us with funding research on how to improve this service even more and hopefully be able to offer it as a free upgrade to everyone in the future, but as of right now that is not possible due to high costs of running extra services, maintenance and other expenses that come with running a website.

Thank you for reading and please visit our website at https://igrcp.com where you can try out our free Instagram Comment Picker and reach out to us with any ideas or concerns that you might have and we will get back to you asap!

Kind regards.

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