Website: Known Bugs

Scan System Bug Virus Malware  - mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

This post will keep track of all the known bugs on the website and we will cross out after we fix them.

We at IGRCP focus on providing the best service we can and with this we can keep track of what’s fixed and what’s not.

Please let us know if you experience any bugs on the website via email or comment section on this thread.

Known Issues

  • Posts appear to load more comments than there are. – FIXED
    • This bug will display more comments than there are on the post, sometimes double or triple.
    • This bug does not affect the usage of the comment picker as duplicates are eliminated.
    • This is a visual bug.
  • Payment fails for posts under 500 comments – FIXED
    • This bug was introduced during boost loading – where a modal didn’t appear and thus request would fail due to missing data in the request.
  • Post Loading stuck at 100.FIXED
    • Cache would go out of sync and would think that the post has already been fully loaded before, even if there’s more comments to fetch.

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