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Halloween Pumpkins

As holidays are approaching fast, we at IGRCP would like to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!

Holidays are great a time to host giveaways on Instagram to promote your content and/or product by giving something away to a winner from your recent post or a video and you might be looking for tools to aid with the giveaway, you might be tempted to go with tools that require you to do any of the following…

  1. Download an extension or a program.
  2. Provide login information to download comments.

Both of these are BAD! and we would URGE YOU not to download anything or give away your account information – we have seen this first hand, people hand over information to these scammers that use your own Instagram account to download comments or even worse, use your account as a botnet (‘botnet’ is a term used to describe a machine or account which is automated to act on its own and send targeted attacks on other accounts) don’t fall a victim to these tools.

These actions mentioned above will put your account at risk and we do not want that to happen to you.

One way around this is to use our website which will download all comments from your Instagram post without putting your own account at risk, as we will never ask you to download anything, we will never show you any ads and we will never ask you for your account credentials, we use other means of downloading comments from Instagram without ever knowing your account information.

Please be wise and do not fall victim to scammer websites, we are always here to help, so if you have any questions regarding your giveaway or want to know how our service works, do reach out and we will gladly help.

Happy Holidays!
IGRCP Team <3

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