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Looking to do an Instagram Giveaway?

We got you covered!

We specialize in random comment picking and our goal is to make your journey as easy as possible while keeping it fun and engaging.
Reward your followers and grow your Instagram page with brand awareness through promotional giveaways.

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Easy To Use Instagram Comment Picker

You don't have to convert to a business page or facebook page, no set up and no passwords. All you need is an Instagram Post with commenting enabled. Simple and easy!

We process over 145,000 comments daily!

Fairness is what we strive for to keep giveaways as fair as possible, Your followers deserve an equal chance of winning and we allow for that.

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Distributed Comments Loading Algorithm.

We use Distributed Network to load Instagram Comments upto 10x faster.

We worked with some of biggest Instagram creators loading millions of comments.

We have identified a problem where other services take a long time to load comments and we have implemented a solution on our website where we can process a large amount of comments - FAST.
Want some stats? about 300 comments per second.

We are the only service that does this!

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Download Instagram Comments As .CSV

Easily export all comments as .csv file for use in Excel, Google Sheets, Libra Office or for importing data in databases for future use.

We export large volumes of posts as .csv daily!

Transparency is important to us and we want to allow our users to go over data we download, unlike our competitors, we got nothing to hide!

No queues! Instant loading, Try for free!
Compared to our competitors and other similar sites, Our Comment Picker is able to load comments extremely fast at a rate of 300 comments/second.
Random Comment Picker For Instagram.
Fairly select a competition winner for your giveaway with our social media tool, this is all done randomly and is as fair as possible.
Unlocked Instagram Post is unlocked forever and for everyone
Save by unlocking giveaway posts early to avoid extra cost - we also have a free tier available for you to try out.