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#1 Random Comment Picker Tool For Instagram Giveaways.

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This tool doesn't need a business page or facebook page, no set up and no passwords. Use IG Username or Post URL to load comments, simple and easy!

We have processed over 1.52+ Million comments to date and counting!

Trust and fairness is what we strive for and to keep giveaways as fair as possible, all of your followers deserve an equal chance of winning and we allow for that.

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Distributed Comments Loading Algorithm.

We use Distributed Network to load Instagram Comments upto 10x faster.

We can load 100k comments within 5 minutes by using multiple servers.

We have identified a problem where our users would have to wait 50 minutes to load 100,000 comments and we found a way to multi task this process by sending this task to multiple servers where each server would download a piece of data from instagram and combine it together in the end, where we then apply filters.

We are the only service that does this!

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Download Instagram Comments As .CSV

Easily export all comments as .csv file for use in Excel or any other text processor or for importing data in databases for future use.

We have exported over 15K Instagram Posts as .csv to date

Transparency is important and we want to allow our users to go over data we download, unlike our competitors, we got nothing to hide!